We Interviewed The Jewelry Designer Roxanne Assoulin

Rosa Zaborowsky

The brand moto is “uncomplicated indulgence” that made me think about the lipstick index – maybe she is starting the “arm party index” herself?

 Image credits: Roxanne Assoulin


Q. Hi Roxanne! I am so excited about this interview, I really appreciate your time. Like everybody else I fell in love with your brand because of Leandra Medine, from Man Repeller, thank you for creating this little sparkle for everyday life! 

Hi Rosa. Let’s do this, we have little time.

Q. OK, so let’s start. When it to look for inspiration, it seems that you need to shut down the computer and your phone for a while, to reduce the risk of just being another one doing the same thing. What do you think about that?

I don’t go to places that I could look for what other people is doing. I don’t look for other people to get inspiration. Inspiration is another thing, it comes from other parts of life. I look at ready to wear to look for colors and combinations and I just play with it. I get a lot of inspiration when I am not thinking, like during breakfast. I need time out to get inspired.

Q. So, when you started as a jewelry designer on the 80’s, how was the process of inspiration. Where did you look for it?

Things were reduced, in terms of offer. I separeted my self from the crowd. I looked and me, to my mind. Creating has to be about us. What is mine is mine, what is yours is yours. So I look at myself.

Q. I have a group of friends that goes nuts over J. Crew jewelry since forever. It was such a nice surprise when I found out it had your hands on it, it makes total sense now. Do you find easier to create when you have a defined persona, like the J.Crew girl?

Its nice to have a brand to work around, its nice to have a parameter. Theres a power and a challenge. They give the colors and I work with what I have. The heart has to work with the mind. The mind has to execute. They have to be partners.

Q. Your brand it’s like a breath of fresh air on this serious environment of fashion. I think your fit is so good with Leandra because you both seem to not take everything so serious.

I love Leandra, she is amazing inside and out. She is a special human being.

 This is the brand inspiration board, hanging at the office. It's also my screensaver.

This is the brand inspiration board, hanging at the office. It’s also my screensaver.

Q. I love the brand slogan “UNCOMPLICATED INDULGENCE”. It makes me think about the lipstick index, do you know? Its when there is a financial crises going on, and everybody it’s saving money but women allow themselves to by just a lipstick, to fulfill their desire to have fun and to buy something new that won’t break the bank. Maybe you will be become the “Roxanne Index”.

That’s so cute, I love that. Yeah, it’s about buying something that won’t break the bank and will bring you joy.

Q. How is a typical workday for you?

I wake up very early, I meditated and I walk to work. I get there 9/9h30. I have a lot of meetings and sometimes I have to block days and hours to be creative. We have the private label and the ecommerce is such a new thing for us. I have to put some energy on it, a different energy. I like what I do. You need to have patience because you obviously will not enjoy everything. So I try to enjoy the process.

I love the you block time to be creative, I will start doing that!

I put everything on my calendar. I put lunch on my calendar. Otherwise I don’t lunch.

Q. I read somewhere that you are always dressed in jeans, sweater and sneakers. Well, that’s me, all day, everyday. But I find it difficult to get dressed during the summer. I am not a big dresses and skirts girl. Any tips?

I do to! I also have difficult dressing during summer. Well, I wear a lightweight jeans, like a chino, khakis and t-shirts. I never wear dresses, I only wear two pieces. If I have to go out, I wear a skirt and a blouse.

Q. On your interviews you talk a lot about being kind, humble and not bossy. How did you outgrow your own insecurities to be a great leader at work or at home?  

I am not saying I am not, I try not to be. It’s always a challenge. It”s always a competition, I listen to my team and we are having ideas, but sometimes I just say “do it this way”. If I am not overworked, not tired I can be a better version of myself. I am always trying. Some days it’s gonna  be better than others. When you are wrong, just apologize. Mediation is good.

Q. Your favorite spot to have lunch in New York?

Bar Pitti. Thats my kitchen. I don’t go out for lunch, I have lunch at my office. I do go out for breakfast and dinner.

Q. What are your plans for the summer?

Work during the weeks, Hamptons on weekends. I talk to much during the week, so I like to keep quiet on weekends. I love the beach. So no big plans for the summer, but enough.

Q. Are you reading any book?

I am reading one by Osho, called Maturity.

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