I am a proud Goopie. Eu e Toti Reider debatemos o Goop Lab.

Rosa Zaborowsky

Assisti Goop Lab semana passada de uma só vez. É uma série/documentário sobre o Goop e práticas de wellness alternativas. Posso estar enganada, mas eu sinto um certo posicionamento raivoso, quase político por parte de quem loves to hate Goop. Gwyneth Paltrow, a founder do Goop, é o estereótipo da privilegiada, é um alvo fácil para críticas e ser contra tudo que ela representa te dá um falso badge of honor.

Ser uma goopie (gostar do goop.com, da Gwyneth Paltrow e de tudo que isso representa) e assumir isso requer vulnerabilidade e uma mente aberta. O Goop oferece acima de tudo, conteúdo sobre tratamentos alternativos para os principais problemas da nossa geração: ansiedade e depressão. Como uma incansável curiosa que compreende a vida pelas nuances e nunca pelo preto no branco, dou oportunidade para tudo que desperta meu interesse e meu bem-estar e das pessoas que eu amo, isso será sempre a minha prioridade. Mas nunca sem o medo da retaliação. Por ser extremamente controverso, reservado à um grupo limitado de pessoas que tem tempo e dinheiro de sobra para embarcar em um aventura pela Jamaica para experimentar os efeitos do chá de cogumelo, eu entendo que o Goop Lab não é para todo mundo.  Mesmo assim, só posso dizer: sorry for you loss. 

Fico feliz ter na comunidade do Lolla mulheres inteligentes, que como eu estão cansadas de sentir culpa por serem quem são. Encontrei em algumas amigas o respiro para poder declarar que eu sou uma #proudgoopie.

Eu e a Toti Reider debatemos o Goop Lab ( em inglês). 


Toti. I’m a goop fan from day 1 so while so many ideas are totally out there and can come across as dumb I do think there is a lot of value in their search for alternatives. That said I haven’t seen the series yet. I’m almost afraid bc I don’t want to be let down. Was it bad?

Rosa. I totally agree with you. I really love the idea that there is someone looking for alternatives and asking questions that we normally wouldn’t just because we are afraid of looking dumb ourselves. And now that you said it… I haven’t watched it. And maybe that’s why? You know what they say “shouldn’t meet your idols”

T. Kkk true. I think some will be good some not so much but all in all I’m happy someone’s doing this and going there and yeah so easy to criticize and she does get a lot of crap for it.

R. Yeah… On the other hand, Goop makes me feel a little guilty. To much of indulgence, you know?

T. True true that’s why we need to take it with a grain of sand. They target market is definitely wealthy upper class women. I mean all creams etc are so expensive everything is extremely expensive and now with the dollar haha It’s absurd. There needs to be a goop for less, tipo um splurge vs save. Sabe “Steal the Look” but for goop products. I think some of the things it’s advocates are complete bs but super indulgent. There are some oils I bought that smell incredible but then when I asked an aesthetician in NY how good and effective she explained all they did was smell good hahaha so there is a lot of that.

R. hahaha loved that story. The thing about this whole indulgence and experiences is that, I can’t help but wonder… OK, we are blessed enough to have access to this kind of products, but does it mean we should spend it? Just because we can? Lolla is also aspirational, I post about expensive stuff all the time. There is a balance, because I can’t dress myself on Chloe head to toe. What I’m questioning is the goopie experiences and their questioning per se. I mean, does Melinda Gates worries about her vulva that much? haha

T. hahahaha I love your take and it’s absolutely on point. I don’t think Melinda uses up her headspace for those matters as she is busy saving the world but I do think there is something to be said about the overused self care and self love I think it is. Important and relevant especially to us mothers/givers/caretakers. We feel guilty about everything already! Let us enjoy a little indulgence in whatever shape or form. But yes it’s def superficial matters still, I love it. It’s view them as a high end woman’s fashion magazine that touches on subjects of interests but takes it a step further and it’s on all day everyday so yes it’s very intense.

But remember being a teenager and waiting for the next vogue or whatever to come out on the month and devouring it… it’s similar but more intense. There is real value in it I wonder if Melinda gates ever read a Vogue 

R. I love your point. It’s so true what you said about feeling guilty, I struggle with that a lot. There’s definitely value on Vogue. And well, I run Lolla, it’s nothing less than an indulgent lifestyle experience.


T. My feelings exactl.

R. I just saved this to read later. It’s amazing. You know what? I have some friends that are really smart, we have a group together. But they always makes me question myself. They hate Gwyneth and I believe they don’t like my goopieness. Therefore, I started questioning myself. What a waist.

T. Same. I totally take a beating but I stand my ground and my argument has always been that perhaps not as eloquent but basically let it be. I think it’s amazing we have this new world of alternatives so be it. Why she gets on ppls nerves is beyond me. She is totally vulnerable as there is no scientific proof to a lot of these therapies theories…. Why she gets on ppls nerves is beyond me. I think it’s easy to hate and she provides an easy target an easy outlet. She is totally vulnerable as there is no scientific proof to a lot of these therapies theories….


T. Me after reading that NYR article and getting all sorts of valediction.

R. hahaha. Well, she is hate material. I can’t think of anyone more privileged than her. For some, if you dislike GP you are consciously aware.

T. Exactly it’s a badge ppl wear these days. #teamgoop 

R. #teamgoop!

No fim das contas, o que vale é ser vulnerável, verdadeira, ter a mente aberta… and find your tribe! Você já viu Goop Lab? O que achou? Vamos debater nos comentários, vou adorar. 

P.S. Inside Goop’s Office and Baby Brain e depleção pós-parto.

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